Parent Handbook

Welcome to Happyland Infant Toddler Daycare

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Happyland Early Learning Centre is a play based centre which combines Montessori inspired activities where children learn through play and work.  We are committed to providing an active learning environment where children are valued for their wonder and curiosity, their unique perspectives, their ability to play and their capacity for meaningful work.

We recognize the vital role parents play in their children’s development and learning experience. We encourage parents to engage in this exciting process.

 Our Staff

At Happyland our teachers have all completed Infant &Toddler or Early Childhood Education training and hold valid licenses to practice including their first aid certificates. Most of our teachers have more than ten years’ experience working with children in different organizations in BC.


Enrolment is conducted on a first come basis. Parent can submit applications any time through-out the year.

1) To Reserve a Spot:

  • Complete application form
  • $100 registration fee is necessary to secure your child’s spot. (non-refundable)

We accept children on a full-time or part-time basis. Part time children must attend on the same days each week.

All tuition fees are due on the first of the month and paid by the dated cheques prior to or on enrolment.

Please know that the same tuition fees are applied for each month regardless of gradual entry, sick days, school planned and emergency closures, or vacations. There will be no discount or refund issued.

A one month fee will be held as deposit. It needs to be paid one month before your child starts and it will be used as the last payment when the service is terminated. 

A service charge of $45 will apply for each cheque returned to us due to insufficient funds.

Child care tax receipt will be issued in February of each year for the previous year of attendance.

  2) Daycare Subsidies

We accept provincial government daycare subsidies. Parents are responsible to ensuring that we receive the appropriate daycare authorization forms and for any portion of fees over and above daycare subsidies.

All subsidy documentation must be at the centre by the first of each month or we assume that you are covering your full monthly fees on your own.

 3) Required Documentation

  • Parent Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Immunization Record
  • Emergency Card
  • Consent Form
  • Post-dated Tuition Fee Cheques
  • Medical Alert (if applicable)
  • Two recent photos of the child

4) Tuition Fees

Please contact us to discuss the rates.

Cell 778-995-6997

  5) Withdrawal

We require one calendar month written notice of your child’s withdrawal from our centre. Withdrawal with less than 30 days notice is subject to full fees.

Gradual Entry

  • Day One 9:00am to 11:00am
  • Day Two 8:30am to 12:00am (lunch included)
  • Day Three your regular drop off time to 2:30pm (nap includes)
  • Day Four regular day- drop off and pick up as needed.


There are many ways children can respond to separation. Whatever the response is we will work together to make your child feel more comfortable.

There are some ways that do to help you and your child:

  • Prepare your child and discuss the centre routine and your intention to leave
  • Reassure your child that you will return once the school is finished
  • When is time to leave say good bye to your child in a kind but firm voice and be consistent.

 Transition between Classrooms

Planning for transitions helps children to prepare for and gains skills related to managing changes in their lives and routines. As children move between classroom and the programs they move on to new learning experience which will impact their life in a variety of ways. This process is purposefully planned by the teachers in consultation with the family.

We will discuss the change with the parents to ensure that works for both centre and the family. It depends on the availability of the space.

Late Pick Up

The centre will close at 6:00pm. If you anticipate arriving after 6:00pm, please call to notify staff. If we have not received a phone call by 6:15pm and cannot contact the parents then the authorized emergency contact will be asked to pick up your child. The Staff will also contact daycare manager who will be updated the information immediately. If your child has not been pick up by 7:00pm, the manager will be on site and will continue to contact the parents/guardian or emergency contact person. If   we can’t get any contact with either parents/guardian or emergency contact person by 8:00pm, it is presumed that the child has been neglected and the manager will contact the Ministry of Children and Families Protective Services.

The late pick up fee will be charged based on one dollar per minute.

 Sign-In and Sign-Out

When dropping off children, parents cannot leave centre until the child is signed in. Any specific instructions pertaining to your child can be left with a staff member. Please help your child place their personal belongings in their cubby and on their coat hook.

Your child must be signed out in our sign-in/out form each day. Only those people whom you have authorized on your child’s registration form are allowed to take your child from the centre. Staff request photo ID and verify information with your child registration form before releasing your child. Please let those people you authorize know that they will be asked for identification before they are permitted to take your child out or the centre. The staff will not release the child if the person is authorized to pick up the child appear s incapable of providing safe care (i.e. appears to be impaired by alcohol or drugs; or has not suitable car seat for the child).

It is the staff’s responsibility not to release a child to an unauthorized person who is unable to provide adequate care for the child. The manager is contacted if the child appears at risk, the manager either call another authorized person to pick up the child or contact the Ministry of Child and Family Development – protective Services if they feel that that the child is in need of protection.


Throughout the day children have opportunities to share their learning experience with each other. Staff assist the children in documenting these experiences by recording the children’s comments, taking photos of the children in their activities, or displaying the children/s drawing and creations. This allows families to join the learning experience and understand what their children are participating in.

 Meal/Snack Program and Nutrition

We provide two nutritious snacks and rich choice lunch on a daily basis. We will follow Canadian food guide and provide tasty, healthy and nutritious meals to meet children’s nutritional needs. We eat “family style” to encourage dialogue and conversations between teachers and children.

 Nap/Quiet Time

To ensure that your child has a successful day, time is set aside to rest and rejuvenate. We work closely with families to determine the length of naps for the child. Daily quiet times for each child allow them opportunity to play independently without interruption from others.

 Self – Directed Play

Play is vital part of a child’s development, through which children explore, create, discover, learn and grow. During self-directed times, children choose their own activities such as water table, blocks, table toys, transportation or books. Staffs observe the children at play providing little direction and allowing them the joy of learning and discovering at their own pace.

 Outdoor physical Active Playtime

Children need time each day to exercise and use their large muscles. We provide opportunities for this through a variety of equipment in our outdoor playground. Exploration of this equipment promotes a healthy physical body by developing flexibility, endurance and strength. Every day we spend time outside to provide our bodies with fresh air to help children stay healthy. Our daily active play schedule will be:

  • 8:15am-8:45am, music and movement.
  • 9:30am-10:30am, playground time.
  • 4:00pm-5:00pm, playground time.

We will also walk around our neighbourhood and community.

  Screen Time

We understand that TV and other electronic media can get in the way of exploring, playing and interacting with others, which encourages learning and healthy physical and social development. Screen time is prohibited in our centre.

 Bathroom Use

We will provide diapers and wipes for each day. When toilet training begins, we work closely with each child and their family to make this transition as smooth as possible. We also ask that you provide a full change of clothes for each child to be kept at the centre at all times for the occasional accident.


Each child’s birthday is a special event. Birthdays are celebrated during afternoon snack time with singing and cupcakes provided by the centre. (Parents are welcome to bring your own cake if you prefer)



  • To encourage self confidence
  • To encourage responsible decision –making and problem–solving skills
  • To develop respect for self, others and the environment


  • To model appropriate behaviour
  • To provide simple clear, consistent limits and expectations
  • To focus on the child’s behaviour
  • To structure the classroom environment and activities to avoid potential problems
  • To reinforce appropriate behaviour
  • To offer appropriate choices
  • To use logical and natural consequences
  • To work on problem-solving strategies
  • To provide re-direction

Children are treated with dignity and respect as individuals and therefore under no condition are to be: shoved, hit, shaken or subjected to other forms of corporal punishment. We do not subject children to degrading or harsh treatment whether verbal, emotional or physical.

We do not confine or restrain a child physically as a way of punishment. We do not deprive a child of food, rest, or the use of the toilet as punishment. We do ask parents to assist us if we are having a difficult time, and work together as a team to reinforce appropriate behaviours.

Behavioural Management

When a child’s behaviour becomes challenging for the staff and /or other children, we meet with the family and prepare and individual behaviour management plan that is specific to the child. We bring in appropriate community resources to assist the family and the centre in providing support and intervention for the child. This individual behavioural management plan is closely monitored with the parents being consulted on a regular basis. It is vital that in challenging situations the parents and staff work closely together to ensure consistency for the child.

 Child Abuse

Children depend on others for their safety and well-being and have the right to be protected from abuse and neglect. In Happyland Infant and Toddler daycare, if the staff   who suspected a child maybe being abused by his/her parents or guardian, or other family member, she should immediately report to the Ministry of Child and Family and Child Department or call the police.  It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Child and Family Development to investigate and decide if abuse has occurred.

Health and Safety

In the event of serious accident or sudden illness, the staffs call an ambulance (911) immediately and make every effort to contact the parent or guardian concurrently. Be sure to provide accurate up-to- date information on your child’s registration form, including an emergency contact person you are reasonably sure will be home if you are not available.

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the centre regarding any change to contact information.

In order to provide a healthy play environment for all participants, please DO NOT brings your child if he/she is ill with any of the following symptoms:

  • The child has a communicable disease or infestation
  • The child has contagious infection such as pink eye
  • The child has a fever over 38 degree Celsius
  • The child has had two or more episodes of vomiting or diarrhoea in the past 24 hours
  • The child has an undiagnosed rash or skin infection
  • The child has a severe cold or other illness which prevents the child from being able to participate in all program activities including outdoor play.
  • The child has not been free from fever fir a minimum of 24 hours without the use of fever suppressant medication.
  • Unless otherwise indicated by a physician, it has been less than 24 hours since the start of a prescribed medication.

If your child becomes ill or unduly upset while at our program, staff will phone you or the emergency contact person so you may take your child home where they can rest comfortably.

The staffs reserve the right to judge when your child is unable to manage within our program and when they may return.


We would prefer not to give medication to children while they are at the centre. Medication will not be administered unless ordered by a physician. You are required to sign a daily consent form before we accept responsibility to administer medication.

Medication must be in the original pharmaceutical container and be accompanied by doctor’s instruction. Non-prescription medication will not be given (i.e. Tylenol), unless special circumstance exist that are supported by a letter from your doctor and confirmed by the staff, though the staff will do their best to administer medication according to instruction.

All medications will be kept in a locked container, in accordance with the Childcare Facilities Licensing Act.


We will take pictures of the children to document their day within the program. This allows parents to see the various activities and learning opportunities that the children participate in. If you do not want your child’s photo to be taken, please make Centre staff aware of this.

Conflict Resolution

Families are encouraged to discuss questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the child care program with the staff or manager. If an issue arises, the goal is to resolve differences of opinion and conflict in a respectful and non-confrontational manner and find solutions that everyone can accept.

If a resolution to the issue cannot be achieved between the parents /guardian and the centre staff, the manager is brought in to assist the process.

Emergency Plan

The centre has an emergency and disaster plan which includes procedures for reporting emergencies and evacuating the facility.

Emergency and evacuation plans are posted in visible of each room or area of the centre. We ask all parents to read and be familiar with the centre action plans in case of an emergency.

In the event that there is an actual emergency, we ensure that the children are in the designated safe area then we contact parents immediately. Staffs remains with the children until each child is picked up by you or your designated person. We encourage you pick up your child as soon as possible. So they can be at home where they are most familiar and comfortable.

The centre holds regular monthly practice of emergency drills to promote calm, competent use of the plans in an emergency.

Incident Report

Even the in best childcare programs, incidents of injury are unfortunately inevitable. At our centre the goal is to keep injuries to a minimum. To maintain the health, well-being and safety of all those at the centre, and to maintain a consistent plan of action, the following incident report policy has been adopted:

Parents will be notified immediately if an incident occurs (i.e. a child fall down from the climber and had a broken arm). The teacher or Child Care Manager will complete the critical incident report detailing the illness or injury. The incident report will be forwarded to the licensing officer within 24 hours and parents will also receive a copy.


We want to ensure that all children are safe and comfortable in our centre. So we reserve the right to cancel your child’s place at the centre for any of the following reasons:

  • Late payment of fees
  • Non-compliance with our centre policies and procedures
  • Failure to work with the staff to meet the child’s needs
  • Inappropriate placement of child

Let us work together in every way possible to give your child a secure enriching environment at home and at the centre. Let us communicate your child’s needs, development and accomplishments. All staff members are available to you to discuss any concerns regarding your child.

Give us a call if you have any questions.

Call cell: 778-995-6997

Langley Sportsplex, 20165 91A avenue, Langley

10852 161B st Surrey